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new ‘reviewed by kids’ section. The SWING…


This is the section where we review the best toys for all. So, what are we reviewing now? It is (Drum-role please) THE SWING… Ok not that dramatic but it is an epic swing (I could hardly get off it was so fun!!)  it is best for putting up high then swinging to your hearts desire. You can do tricks ;..;;,;’.;’;’,,;;;;,,____@:;,’.##’;,;,_—;,.##;;,.—=====-  (deleted by adults, do not do tricks as they are not advised -editor) this swing is a great addition to a  garden. So swing by and get some Ha Ha Ha Ha… not funny?  Ok then,


REVIEW BY reviewed by kids/ R.B.K. 

See the swing in action


Mess free glitter – what a great idea!

If crafting with glitter makes your whole house sparkle, then try these sets – all the fun of glitter with none of the mess – perfect!

We have lots of different sets but these are two of our favourites, and you can also get a booster pack with extra glitter sheets and a few extra stickers which makes your set go much further. The sets either create pictures likes these two or make glittery stickers (these ones are super popular with our young testers!)

See our mess free glitter here